8/26/2018 Welcoming the Gleasons, Ruizes and Rachel Thompson

Ken and Blanche Gleason Sponsonsor:  Jerry and Jo Hyland Ken was a nurse for most of his professional career; Blanche enjoys teaching the Ukulele. They moved to Mesquite from Michigan, originally, and more recently from California.     Robert and Teresa Ruiz The Ruizes came to Mesquite via Michigan, Washington and Hawaii. They have been … [Read more…]

7/29/2018 Welcome Doug Kubik and Barbara Parnell

Doug Kubik Sponsor: Pastor Jimmy Nelson Doug is Pastor Jimmy’s brother, loves the Church and is a talented handyman and landscaper. He runs the Church Soundboard, and loves welding and tinkering.       Barbara Parnell Sponsor: Kay Barber Barbara moved to Mesquite in February, 2018, from Las Vegas and St Louis, MO, and Athens … [Read more…]