The Hope in this message is found in our Affirmation of Faith- the Apostle’s Creed, and in understanding the meaning of the Transfiguration of Jesus.  Discover the true meaning of the Trinity in this message. REFERENCES:  2 Kings 2:1-12   Mark 9:2-9   See also 2 Corinthians 4:3-6

Sermon 2-4-2018–EXTREME MAKEOVER

Study the conversion story of Saul. We can listen for God’s voice, get on the move, and develop confidence in God being one who truly answers us. References:  Exodus   3:  7—12,   Psalm 100,     Acts 9: 1-22

Sermon 1-28-2018 — CAPABILITIES

What things are true and worthy of celebration as we seek answers throughout our life’s journey of faith? Consider your talents, your attitudes, your style, your knowledge as you investigate your own capabilities. References:      Psalm 111       Mark 1:21-28  

Sermon 1-21-2018–INTENT, MOTIVE and TRUST.

WHAT IS YOUR  WHY!? How can we improve our motives and build better relationships with people?  Motivation is the key to Trust and Trust is the basis for motivation.  Refine your Motivation, zero in on trust and ask “WHY” five times!   References:  Jonah 3:  1-5   Psalm 62:5-12   Mark 1:14-20 Stephen M. R. Covey  “Speed … [Read more…]

Sermon 1-7-2018–RISE UP!–God is Speaking

Listen for that moment of sudden or great spiritual revelation that changes you. Find out about the King’s Sunday and  Epiphany in this first sermon of 2018. History:  Epiphany has been celebrated before the Christmas holiday was established since the end of the second century. As one of the oldest Christian feasts, the Protestant and … [Read more…]

Sermon 12-31-2017–GOING HOME AGAIN

Luke tells us more about what the arrival of Jesus, the Messiah, meant for the Prophets Simeon and Anna, and tells us what it means for all of us today.  The promise is that: “in the fullness of time” (God’s time) things will happen.  Are you ready for what God has in store for you? … [Read more…]

Sermon 12-17-2017: – JOY IS OUR TRUE HOME

This is the time of rejoicing, prayer, and giving thanks, no matter the pressures or uneasiness that may be present. For no matter how hard the journey may be some days and for some families, we know that JOY is our true home. May we all find Joy in a spirit of Grace.    Resources:  … [Read more…]

Sermon 12-10-2017–COMING DOWN HOME

Home is anywhere where we meet God, face-to-face and hand-in-hand. Home is the assurance that Christ died for us when we were yet sinners, thus proving God’s love for us and that He will bring us home. Home is knowing that we are saved by the grace of God. Home is, in fact,  anywhere that … [Read more…]