Pastor’s Page

Rick and Jan Casebolt

Hi, there.

My name is Rick Casebolt, and I am pastor of Mesquite United Methodist Church, Desert Southwest Conference. I came to Mesquite July 2013 straight out of Garrett Seminary in Chicago, IL.

Although I served a suburban church while attending seminary, Mesquite is my first appointment in the DSW – and what a truly great appointment it is! The church is blessed with great voices, musicians, Christian educators, church leaders and members who go the extra mile in welcoming all people into God’s Kingdom.

I love to share the love of Christ and teach, making the Scriptures come alive and be of practical use as all strive to cope in today’s ever changing techno-culture. I believe the Bible witnesses to circumstances – joyous and tragic – that are part of our daily living.

Join us for worship and you will quickly find we believe there are no visitors – only people we haven’t been introduced to us yet. I have had a blessed life. I married my Jr. High School sweetheart and have celebrated 40+ anniversaries. A proud father, our daughter & husband work and live in Tucson, as does my mother and several other relatives.

I have been a Methodist for some time now, but I also have roots in The Evangelical and United Brethren Church. I’d like to think I’m “totally grounded and well rounded.” Being older as I began a pastoral career, I feel like I bring the best into ministry. I have a very recent, cutting-edge education tempered with a lifetime of practical experience. This combination is highly beneficial in connecting those who have not always been churchgoers for whatever reason, with God who calls us to worship.

I believe we are created of wholeness and that wholeness involves the overlapping circles of body, mind and spirit. Along with a daily routine of scripture reading, prayer & adoring creation, I enjoy biking, running, walks with my wife, & motorcycle rides. I enjoyed flying & consider myself a pretty good fisherman. I read technical & mechanical magazines, and enjoy taking things apart (with good intentions to put them back together).

I love being a Methodist—Methodists love the Lord and share the love God has for us made manifest through the Son, Jesus Christ. Methodists take care of each other and strive to follow 3 simple rules … Do no harm… Do good…Stay in love with God. We believe if we earnestly attempt to apply them into our daily living, God is pleased.
God really does love you.

Pastor Rick