Fellowship Team

Our Fellowship Team, led by Karen Weigand & Debbie Fjeld, provides a beverage and snack time following each church service for casual visiting.  We also help with Thanksgivings dinner and provide lunches as needed for memorials, church gatherings and meetings.  Annually we have a church Fall Picnic and a Spring Fling potluck.   Team members are: Karen Weigand, Deb Fjeld, Sue Taylor, Gale Pallissard, Gregg Shaver, Margie Shaver, Rachel Thompson, Blanche Gleason, and Betty Gregg , Connie Jeffers, Kathy Cho, Peg Leininger, and Krista Leininger. In photo from L to R: Deb, (Echo), Margie, Kathy, Sue, Karen, Connie, Blanche, Jackie Armstrong (honorary member) and Betty.