Connecting Circles

Each Group reflects the individuality of its members, interests, and stages in life. Most groups include fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. Topics, meeting     schedules, and meeting locations vary within each circle.    Circles recognize the gifts and interests of their members and utilize their passion and energy to     provide service to the greater community. Questions? Call the church office (702-346-4663) or Linda Reid at (408) 234-0561.   

Connecting Circles:                                        Leaders to Contact:

The Chosen                                                     Robert Gallegos

Friends and Faith                                           Sue and Dave Compton

Bridge Circle                                                   Tim Braden

Dining Circles                                                 Pat Harger

Ukulele                                                            Blanche Gleason             

Recorder                                                          Liz Fry

Hiking                                                               Kendra and Myron Kirkpatrick   

Prayer Warriors                                             Jim Higby

Men’s Prayer                                                  Tom Bernasek

Singles Serving                                               Valerie Thompson

Cultural/Theater                                           Eve Mayberry

Men’s Bible Study                                         Virgil Condon

Yoga                                                                 Peggy Deaver

Bell Choir                                                        Sherry and Dave Hartline

Journaling                                                       Dee Dee Latendresse