Smith’s Inspiring Donations

Did you know that every purchase you make at  Smith’s can support Smith’s Inspiring Donations donations program and contribute directly to the Mesquite UMC? It’s so easy to donate with every visit to  Smiths. Make every penny of your grocery shopping count. Click on the following link and print it out for easy to follow instructions on how to enroll. If you have trouble, please contact Jane Zuehlsdorff for help. The directions have changed a little because of a software update. Also, even if you think you are enrolled, please check again. Some of the choices were dropped with the new updates. The Smith’s employees have suggested that everyone check their enrollments.

Smith’s Inspiring Donations Enrollment Instructions

Here’s a list of all participating Kroger stores. Look for them in your travels and shop there to help us out.  It will also help you save a little money!

• Kroger
• Baker’s Supermarkets
• Dillon Supermarkets
• Food 4 Less
• Foods Co.
• Fred Meyer
• Fry’s Food & Drug
• Gerbes Supermarkets
• Harris Teeter
• Jay C
• King Soopers
• Owen’s
• Payless Supermarkets
• Ralph’s
• Roundy’s
• Ruler Foods
• Scott’s
• Smith’s

Food  Bank Collection  September  (First Sunday of the Month)
Please watch our monthly newsletter for monthly donation requests.